Clean your car before storage

Give your car a thorough clean inside and outside with approved car cleaning detergents. Avoid washing in direct sunlight and once you are done drying your car. Lock it up and put her safely away.

Cover outlets and intakes

To prevent small insects and rodents from entering your car, cover all outlets and intakes with a cloth but remember to remove these before starting your car. Put a reminder on the driver window which will help to alert you before you start your car.

Wiper care

Use kitchen plastic wrap on your wiper blades to prevent the wipers from sticking to your cars windscreen.

Cover your car

Park your car indoors, under a roof or make use of a car blanket or cover which can prevent dirt from getting onto your car.

Battery maintenance

Start your vehicle every 3rd day and let it idle for 15 to 20 minutes.

Tyre maintenance

Move your vehicle back and forth once a week to avoid flat spots. Check tyre pressures once a week.

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